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Town Hall 8 War Base


What you can do with this TH8 War Base?

Hi there!

Let me start by saying… I am not an expert at this game and have only been playing it for 11 months. Nor am I really all that concerned about gems so if this is not worthy of a gem bonus that’s cool. I just wanted to share a strategy which has served me well in my time as a trophy hunting th8 with others. If I am not experienced enough/ guide not good enough that’s totally OK I understand completely. Anyway here it is:


Hi guys I am here to talk about a trophy hunting formation for town hall 8’s. Since none of its acronyms actually make any sense I just call it dog. It is a combination of dragons and hog riders ideal for two or three starring most bases. As you get higher into trophies you will find very few town halls outside and very few easy bases to two/three star with barcher/B.A.M. Also with such formations certain unforeseeable things such as giant bombs and air bombs can make you lose a battle which is a real setback in higher leagues. This formation is not risky whatsoever however it requires a lot of loot!